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Empire of Sin - Premium Edition (Steam key) -- RU
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Uploaded: 08.04.2021
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After purchase, you will receive a KEY to activate the specified software product.

The Premium Edition gives you access to all the Deluxe Edition content (the Mobster Pack, Golden Weapon Set, and your boss´s unique Curb Stomp Execution animation), as well as two post-launch expansions and a stylish fur coat for Al Capone.

Empire of Sin, a strategy game from Romero Games and Paradox Interactive, takes you into the heart of the underworld of Prohibition in 1920s Chicago. Using charm and intimidation, work your way to the top and try to hold on at all costs. The atmosphere of noir, the glitter and glamor of the roaring twenties, bright characters and the world of organized crime hidden from the eyes of ordinary people await you.


Build a criminal empire. Decide what will be the foundation of your business. Underground bars? Protecting trade unions? Gambling houses? Gather a group of loyal gangsters and create a name for yourself. Then take over your competitors´ territory and expand your influence!

Fight for territory. If suddenly - purely hypothetically - it comes to a fight, and your guys need to "send a message", you will face a harsh turn-based battle. Choose people wisely and strengthen gang connections to increase combat effectiveness and keep the city.

Enjoy the living world. Walk the bustling streets of 1920s Chicago, interact with colorful and diverse characters, each with their own lives. See how they react to what you do and what you don´t. Seduce, coerce, beg, threaten, or simply kill them to achieve your goals.

Expand your influence. Create and destroy alliances, bribe cops, trade on the black market - do everything to raise the respect of your faction and expand your crime family. Do not forget about enemies: do you have eyes and ears among them?

Choose your winning strategy. There are several ways to become king or queen of Chicago. But whatever you choose, violence, diplomacy or notoriety throughout the city, starting conditions, allies and enemies will change from time to time, making each playthrough unique.
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